Adult Out-Patient Services

Adult Enhanced Outpatient Program

The Adult Enhanced Outpatient Program is a 16 week, 100-hour program for adults who display substance dependence behaviors.

The Enhanced Outpatient Program provides a concentrated treatment environment conducive to breaking through the client’s resistance and denial beliefs to assist them in learning about the causes and personal costs of substance abuse and addiction. It is designed to assist the client in learning behaviors that enhance their ability to cope with life’s problems and stresses without using mind-altering substances and to help the client recognize the need for on-going support and daily practices that contribute to a balanced state of mind.

Format: EOP includes 96 hours of group sessions and 4 hours of individual sessions over a period of approximately sixteen weeks.

In addition to the above activities, clients will be asked to provide negative urine drug screens and breathalyzers during the program.   

Adult Traditional Outpatient Program

The Adult Traditional Outpatient Program is a 68 hour program for adults who display substance abuse behaviors. The program is offered to all referrals over the age of 18 who meet admission criteria. The Traditional Outpatient Program is designed to provide education and counseling services to help participants make positive, nurturing, informed choices that help them end their destructive relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Format: The Traditional Outpatient Program includes 68 hours of group and individual sessions over approximately 16 weeks. These sessions focus on building recovery and resistance skills, identifying self-defeating behaviors, problem solving, communication, and life enhancement skills, as well as drug education and refusal skills.

In addition to the above activities, clients will be asked to provide negative urine drug screens and breathalyzers during the program.

Alumni Group

The Alumni Group is a member-facilitated, member-run group for those individuals who want on-going support in their sobriety and abstinence.  The group encourages participants to discuss and explore their recovery process, to plan group activities with other group members, to share growth experiences, and to receive valuable, non-judgmental feedback from group participants and the facilitator.

Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse Prevention is a 16 week program. There are two separate groups: one for men and one for women. The focus of these groups is on solidifying and maintaining an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.  There is a strong emphasis on identifying, creating and strengthening support systems.  The program encourages participation in community resources such as AA, volunteerism, religious organizations, educational institutions, and sports.  These activities support and encourage clients to further develop healthy skills in coping with ongoing stresses, and in creating a healthy, balanced life.

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